What is hollowness under the lids?

  • Also known as sunken eyes or tear trough deformity

  • Seen as valley, depression or shadow below lower lids

  • Can affect young and old individuals

  • These are caused by the following reasons:

    • aging – thinning of lid skin, absorption of fat, bone depression or atrophy, loosening of support structures ( ligaments)

    • hereditary 

    • diseases which lead to extensive  fat atrophy

    • dramatic weight loss

  • You may look tired , depressed, or show lack of self confidence. Sunken eyes can make you look older than your age


Shallow tear troughs

Valley effect and cheek bone absorption


Classical tear troughs

Hollowness, skin pigmentation

Myth Buster:

Did you know, hollowness of eyes is not caused by:​ 

pressure of the glasses,  pressure on face with pillows or lack of sleep

Treatment of Dark Circles


After detailed assessment of face , a tailor-made treatment plan is executed. Main treatment options are:

  • Dermal or soft tissue fillers ( hyaluronic acid)

  • Surgery – Lower lid blepharoplasty

  • Lifestyle changes – nutrition and sleep for general wellness

Our results!


Hill and valley effect due to tear trough and fat prolapse

Correction with dermal fillers for tear trough and lid cheek junction

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