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Dark circles – a very personal journey!

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

I had grade 3 dark circles with perioral pigmentation from a young age. I always thought and was told these were difficult to treat and were hereditary. Here's an account of my journey in treating my dark circles.

As is the case with most people, I used every possible over-the-shelf product out there, including fairness creams. In addition, I tried almost all the home remedies, which included drinking more water, cucumber slices, coffee powder applications, aloe vera gel, etc. I also thought my dark circles were due to lack of sleep, especially when I was at the med school.

The eye-opener was when I got trained in the field of facial aesthetics. That's where I understood the dynamics of dark circles and that they are multifactorial. My dark circles were because of the following reasons:

  1. Hereditary – mainly the facial skeleton or bony framework pattern, with prominent cheekbones and deep-set eyes

  2. Pigmentation – Inherent skin pigmentation

  3. Early skin aging – loss of collagen and laxity

  4. Increased vascularity –mainly due to long hours of work leading to vasodilation and increased vessels.

How did I finally control the beast?

I looked at my condition holistically.

I worked on my lifestyle, which included:

  • a clean diet with lots of fruits and vegetables (some cheat days are always allowed),

  • a disciplined pattern of waking and sleeping no matter how busy I am

  • regular physical exercising and,

  • meditation and staying positive to keep my mind healthy.

Lifestyle changes are a must- they lay the foundation of our intrinsic environment and go a long way in helping us achieve holistic health. A robust inherent health helps reduce stress, eliminate free radicals and slows down overall ageing of the mind, body, and skin.

I worked on all my structural issues in a tailored fashion and, most importantly, regularly and for several years. Consistency and patience are vital! Yes, there were some bad days when I thought nothing was working., but cosmetic treatments require discipline.

I used botox injections around my eyes to iron out the fine lines and rolls, which decreased the shadowing.

Finally, I started using cosmeceuticals ZO skin healthcare (which I practice) for almost 11 years and continue to use them. The products included the getting skin-ready regime (cleanser, scrub, oil pads, sunscreen) and alternately anti-aging and skin brightening products.

Do I still have dark circles?

Yes, I do; Dark circles can never be 100% corrected. But they are less prominent, and I don't have to cover them up with make-up. My skin looks healthier, younger, and brighter.

Aging and especially the area around the eyes, is delicate and needs regular treatment and care. I will continue to follow a disciplined approach to a healthy lifestyle and relevant skincare throughout my life.

So next time you are tempted to use that so-called quick fix to treat your Dark Circles, remember- there is no silvery bullet. Dark circles are a complex medical condition and require a customized approach to treatment.

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