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Get your eyes summer ready!

Summer's here and before you head out to that next outdoor party, make sure you read this blog and protect your eyes and skin around the eyes to look and feel your best!

Flora and fauna around us undergo a metamorphosis during the summertime. Also, it becomes hot and humid. All these changes can result in reactions in our bodies, especially around and within our eyes.

During summers, the most common complaints are irritation, redness, and watering of the eyes. The following potential reasons cause these:

  • allergic reaction to new pollens in the atmosphere

  • higher water production in tear glands due to increased dryness in the eyes as the pH of the tear film changes- this causes instability in tear film resulting in reflex watering

There is a tendency in our body to retain more water during summers due to increased dehydration. Water retention can increase puffiness or swelling around the eyes, making one look tired and sick. Pre-existing dark circles can look more prominent as the pigmentation due to dark circles spreads due to the fluid collection around the eyes. Finally, increased sunlight and puffiness produce the Tindell effect around the eyes, changing the shadows visible in and around the eyes and face.

So what should we do in the summers to protect our eyes and face?

  • regularly use lubricating drops to keep your eyes healthy

  • drink lots of water/fluids

  • eat lots of fruits and vegetables

  • exercise regularly to reduce water retention

  • take anti-histamines to treat any allergic reactions

  • wear sunscreen 24x7

Enjoy the summer but make sure you protect yourself and your eyes this season!

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