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What is Oculoplasty and what conditions does it treat?

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Eyes are the windows to the world. Eyes enable us to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature and the smiling faces of our loved ones. So naturally, one wants to protect their eyes and eyesight in the best possible way. In everyday life, the common eye problems we know about are "Vision problems,"Cataract,"damage to the eye due to injuries or accidents," etc. However, these beautiful eyes can face many other problems and at times require surgery. This blog will introduce you to specific surgical procedures collectively known as "Oculoplasty" performed at Clinica Fai. Clinica Fai is India's first virtual eye-face rejuvenation clinic and the first in India to offer Plexr Pro. Plexr Pro is an innovative soft surgery treatment that is used to treat eye and skin conditions.

In simple terms, Oculoplasty means "Plastic Surgery of the Eye." So "why does one need plastic surgery for the eye?" Plastic surgeries of the eye are undertaken to restore function of the eye and tissues around it and its appearance in certain conditions. Read on to know more about when Oculoplasty is done and who needs it?

About Clinica Fai

Clinica Fai is one of a kind eye-face rejuvenation clinic. We provide a digital offering that makes oculoplasty treatments available to everyone cheaper, faster and more effectively. We are pioneers in utilising the advanced Plexr Pro soft surgery treatment used to treat eye and skin conditions. It creates a plasma arc to stimulate instant contraction and to tighten the skin and removes blemishes. Our mission at the clinic is to make innovative cosmetic treatments accessible to everyone. We curate personalized treatments to deliver accurate results. We offer digital treatment to patients to minimize hospital visits. We offer treatments for droopy lids, eye bags, baggy upper lids, brow lifts, dark circles, and many more. Our world-renowned team of doctors/technicians are always ready to help you.

All about Oculoplasty

What is Oculoplasty?

As mentioned above, Oculoplasty refers to plastic surgery procedures relating to the eyes and structures around the eyes. These are a group of surgeries. They are mainly of two types:-

  1. Reconstructive surgeries, which correct the abnormalities in the eye structure.

  2. Cosmetic surgeries, which enhance the appearance of the eyes, thereby changing the appearance of the face.

However, before going into the details of eye corrections via Oculoplastic surgeries, we want to share some ways in which you can manage the health of your eyes better::-

  • Drinking an adequate amount of water

  • Having a balanced diet containing lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits of fibre and minerals

  • Maintaining adequate and good sleep

  • Wearing good sunglasses while going out in the sun.

  • Regular cleaning of eyes

  • Limiting the "digital time"

  • Managing your stress levels

  • Taking care of your facial skin

What types of conditions are treated by Oculoplasty?

Oculoplastic surgery is best for issues related to the eyes and the cosmetic appearance of the eyes and surrounding areas. Common issues are:-

  • Problems with Tear Drainage

  • Malposition of the eyelids

  • Cancer of the Eyelid

  • Problems of the eye socket

  • Eyebrow Issues

Symptoms that lead to oculoplasty treatments

Your ophthalmologist is the best judge for suggesting surgery. However, lookout for the following symptoms and know that you need Oculoplasty:

  • Need to blink eyes more than usual

  • Downward hanging eyelids (Ptosis)

  • Eye twitching

  • Wrinkles, scars, or folds surrounding the eyes

  • Tearing in or out of eyelids

  • Blocking of tear ducts

  • Tumours either inside or surrounding the eye.

  • Excessive fat accumulation in eyelids

  • Bulging of eyes

  • Dark circles under the eyes

Oculoplasty Treatments offered at Clinica Fai

Droopy lids

Droopy lids, also known as ptosis, is a condition where the upper lid covers the eye. It can vary in degree and severity. It happens due to weakness of the lid lifting muscle, which is known as 'levator'.

Eye Bags

Eye bags, commonly known as puffy eyes, are when the fat behind the eye protrudes out and leads to the formation of bags. Common causes of eye bags are ageing, hereditary, and certain medical conditions like thyroid, hypertension, or renal disorders. Symptoms of Eye bags are:-

  • Blemishes.

  • Appearing older than their age.

  • Looking tired, drunk and sad.

  • Difficulty in wearing spectacles.

Baggy/Hooded lids

Hooded eyelid is a condition with an extra fold of skin over the crease (dermatochalasis). This causes the eye to appear smaller and heavy and is usually associated with droopy brows.

Botox and Fillers

Botox (botulinum toxin) and dermal fillers are widely used and the most popular non-surgical tools to reshape, augment and enhance facial features. Treatment with these injectables help in modifying the emotional quotient/expression for the patient. Sometimes a combination of both may be advised. These treatments are completely safe when performed by a trained physician.

Brow lift

Brows are the foundation of a face and determine our various expressions. A brow lift Is a procedure to lift, restore, and fill the droopy, descended and floppy brow position. Brow drooping happens due to ageing, injury, paralysis, or previous surgeries. Patients cannot immediately identify this condition but exhibit the following symptoms:-

  • Heaviness in the eyes

  • Extra growth on the lids

  • Eyes appear to be smaller

  • Frequent Headaches

  • Face sagging

Lumps and Bumps

Lumps and bumps on the eyes are a result of :

  • Infection

  • Swelling

  • Overuse of tear glands

  • Fat deposition

  • Viral infestation

  • Malignancy

  • Ageing

  • Sun damage

  • Pigment deposit.

They can appear on the forehead, brows, lids and periocular areas and face​.

Dark Circles

Dark circles affect approximately 10% of the world population and are caused due to:-

  • Bony framework alignment (cheekbone, orbit walls)

  • Skin thickness

  • Vascularity (prominent blood vessels)

  • Pigmentation

  • shadow effect

Patient experiences cosmetic blemish, hollowness under the eye, tiredness, grogginess and sleep​.

Hollowness under the lids

This condition is also known as sunken eyes. The patient will have valleys under the eyes, with a visible shadow below the lower eyelids and can happen at any age. Common reasons for sunken eyes are:-

  • Ageing results in thinning of lid skin, absorption of fat, bone depression or atrophy, loosening of support structures like the ligaments.

  • Hereditary

  • Health problems that can cause extensive fat atrophy

  • Sudden weight loss

Sunken eyes can make you look older than your age.

Spasms and Twitching

Spasms/ twitching can affect the lids and face. The patient experiences constant, uncontrolled, involuntary movements of lids and or face. They happen due to injury, neurological diseases, stress, facial nerve compression (blood vessel, tumour), neurotransmitter imbalance.

It impacts the individual's physical, psychological and social life.

Other conditions treated via Oculoplasty and available at Clinica Fai are:-

  • Lid reconstruction

  • Lid Deformities

  • Lash Deformities

  • Eye Orbit diseases and injuries

  • Eye Socket reconstructions

  • Facial paralysis

  • Tear passage disorders

  • Removal of eye scars.


After reading this blog, one can understand that there are various reasons why Oculoplasty is undertaken. For many, the appearance of eyes and face is a matter of self-confidence too. With advanced technology and a well-qualified team of doctors, we can handle various cosmetic issues of eyes and face. Our innovative digital treatment method is of great convenience to the patients since it minimizes hospital visits. We first listen and carefully assess the patient and then provide complete information to the patient. This wholesome approach helps the patient to make an informed decision.

Book an appointment here. For appointments or any clarification, please email us at drshubhragoel@clinicafai.com or call us at +916281117454.

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