Spasms and Twitching

There is spectrum of spams/ twitching which can affect the lids and face:

  • Present as constant, uncontrolled, involuntarily movements of lids and or face

  • Occur due to injury, neurological diseases, stress, facial nerve compression ( blood vessel, tumor), neurotransmitter imbalance

  • Can cause physical , psychological and social impact on patient’s life

Affection of half of the face including neck

Affection of lids and part of the face

Affection of lower part of the face

 Frequent blinking of eyes, affecting the lids

Affection of lower part of the face

Common complaints include:

  • Frequent blinking

  • Inability to open eyes

  • Intolerance to bright lights

  • Dry eyes, irritation, blurring of vision

  • Deviation of mouth

  • Difficulty is swallowing and drooling of saliva in severe cases

  • Headaches



​  After detailed history and examination, you may be advised for brain imaging. Treatment options are :
  • Surgery

  • Medications – under supervision of the neurologist

  • Botox ( botulinum toxin) injections

Each patient may vary in presentation, cause and treatment for the spasms and hence the treatment is structured based on the symptoms and underlying causes