Your Experience

At Clinica Fai, we offer you an end-to-end

experience- from understanding what's bothering you to taking you through all of your treatment options, to helping you manage your post treatment needs

Your Booking

Your journey at Fai starts with, us asking you some basic questions to help us understand your concerns


Once we have reviewed these responses, in almost real-time, we will organise a virtual consultation with  Dr. Shubhra Goel

You will then select a time and date convenient for you for the video consultation


We will also ask you to securely submit all the present and past medical records at this time 

Your Consultation

Your virtual consultation is conducted in a completely secure manner using a state-of-the-art software that has sensitive data protection protocols and is fully GDPR complaint

A good consultation is the key to helping us provide you with the best treatment possible


It is important for us to have a detailed discussion with you to discuss and plan your treatment and alleviate any related myths and fears


Your Concerns

It will be helpful if there is a family member or a friend accompanying for the consultation 

During the consultation, we will review your medical, lifestyle, and  psychological history, and create a bespoke plan- of- action


You will be photographed (with consent), so we can record clinical images along with other 

relevant medical information


We want to make sure you feel comfortable and share with us all your needs- the more you share, the better we can provide a treatment that suits you


We don’t believe in providing off- the- shelf treatments- each experience is personalised for you

Your Treatment

There will be a nominal charge for the video consultation and depending on your agreement, we will start the treatment, either by prescribing relevant medication or organising an in-person session with Dr. Goel at one of our consulting centres


We will also offer you a mobile app through which you can access all the information you have submitted to us and also any information we provide to you throughout your treatment and post-treatment experience

Your Results

Dr. Goel is a great listener. She believes in giving maximum time to each of her patients to understand their concerns. Please do talk to her in detail

This will help her to shareall the possible choices with you before any decisions are made. . Also, some of these procedures  could be covered under  your insurance plan. Be sure to ask


Dr. Goel encourages realistic expectations. The main aim of  this session is to help you discover  the best possibilities for making positive changes


We will also make clear what you can hope for and what is realistically possible


Our Partners


Sunita Arya

Award winning holistic nutritionist


Dr  Aloka  Haedu

 Squint specialist


Dr Suman Polavarau

Award winning Cosmetologist


Dr Kuldeep Raizada

Award winning Ocularist


Diagnostic services- Home collection

 Sai Lab Wellness

(NABL accredited labs)